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Gillian Brownlee

Award Winning Bagpiper


The wee beastie with her admiring fans, the Bilge Pumps at Louisiana Renfaire 2004

Grade IV Under 18 Awards and Honors

October 15, 2005 - Stone Mountain Highland Games, Stone Mountain, GA
    - 3rd in 2/4 March
October 15 2004 - Atlanta, Ga.
    - was honored to play both bagpipes and violin for His Grace, the Duke of Hamilton and his Dutchess, Lady Kay
April 2005 - Swamp Celts Highland Games, Baton Rouge, La.
    Awarded PIPER OF THE DAY Grade IV Under 18
    - 1st in 2/4 March
    - 1st in 6/8 March
    - 1st in Piobreachd (Ground Only)
    - 1st in Slow Aire
    - 1st in Medley
    - 1st in 2/4 March

Grade V Awards and Honors

April 2003 - 24th Arkansas Scottish Festival, Batesville, AR
    - 1st in 2/4 March

March 2002 - Scottish Highland Games of Mississippi, Jackson, MS
    - 1st in 2/4 March