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Gillian Brownlee

Award Winning Bagpiper


Let's face it. I didn't have a chance…

I was born into a family that includes two Scottish terriers and one bagpiper. At first, I couldn't figure out why people were making such a big deal about bagpipes -- I mean, I heard them all the time!

So, here I am -- Gillian Brownlee, kid piper. I've been playing the Great Highland Bagpipes for about three years, and have the distinct advantage/disadvantage of living with my piping instructor (I call him Dad). I march with the Kilts of Many Colours Pipes & Drums in Abita Springs, Louisiana; and I play with my dad and mom (she's a drummer -- she didn’t have a chance either -- she says that if you're married to a piper, you have to play the drum) at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in a group called Haggis Rampant. We even have a CD! Well, actually, Haggis Rampant has two CDs, but I'm on the second one. They named it after me -- Wee Beastie (that's me!).

I've also played a lot of solo performances, like weddings and funerals, and you can sometimes find me playing at O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub in New Orleans.

If you'd like me to play for you, you can email me.